Russian BIO

Russian Bio tea is not an ordinary Earl Grey flavored black tea.

A vibrant and aromatic “Russian-style” tea mixed with grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot. Additionally, this organic tea contains calendula and cornflower.


Prepration Tips
Use 3-4gr per cup
Boil water to 95 Celsius
Brew it for 4 min

Russian Bio uses an organic black tea blend of Assam and South India. The combination of three citrus fruits makes this morning tea both sustained and energizing.

Base Black Teas in Russian Bio

Using southern Indian black tea in Russian Bio means using a strong and basic organic black tea.

It is a great stand-alone tea or a perfect base for a variety of tea blends.

Traditionally, Assam tea has been made in India’s Assam region. The quality grade of Assam tea has become increasingly important to tea drinkers all over the world in recent years, though it was previously marketed as Indian tea only.

Using the finest Assam tea, Russian Bio makes an organic black tea with an outstanding flavour.

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