It was an autumn afternoon in 2009 when Mahya, the young mathematician for the first time stepped into the boutique tea-shop of Patrizia.

In a broken Italian, she asked for some premium tea. Opening various tea cans, Patrizia excitedly started explaining where each of the tea blends was coming from.

“Do you have Persian tea as well”, asked the girl.

“No! But I’ve heard that there are tea plantations in the north of Iran, next to the Caspian Sea”, responded the Italian lady.

That was the start of a long friendship between two different characters: Mahya, a Persian mathematician who now works as an entrepreneur and Patrizia, the tea sommelier and certified cook who is running the boutique tea shop in Trieste for over 20 years already.

Although at the time they first met, none of the two could imagine launching a joint-venture some years late. “TeaTime.House” is the result of this collaboration.

At TeaTime.House, we offer you:

the very best tea qualities selected from outstanding tea gardens around the globe.

Enjoy unique taste experiences with each cup of your favourit Tea-Time-House-Tea!

Our tea expert, Partizia Orlando, selects the best teas, being pure or blend. It gets freshly packed for you and is delivered via courier service.

At Tea Time Journey, we take you with us to places where our products come from and tell you the story of the people behind them.

At TeaTime.House we do not only offer premium tea and spices, but also introduce the culture from their origins.


The birth place of tea is said to be in Yunnan Province in China. It was around 3rd century AD that people figured out drinking a cup of brewed leaves of tea can be pleasant.

Although China and India are the leaders of tea production in the world, but from the consumption point of view facts tell another story.

Indeed, the leading countries in tea consumption per capita, are Turkey, Ireland, United Kingdom, Iran and Russia.

Although drinking tea in countries like Iran, Turkey goes back to early 20th century, however the popularity of tea soon formed a culture around it.

Today, tea is part of the hospitality culture in the countries next to the Caspian Sea.

Even though, now tea might be offered in any kind of cup or glass or even mugs, however, the traditional ritual of drinking tea in these countries is drinking it from “slim-waisted glass”.

While in Farsi and Turkish languages the name of the glass literary means slim-waisted, in Azerbaijan, it is called “Pear-shape glass”.

Unlike eastern countries where tea is prepared by pouring hot water to it and waiting for a while, in Russia, Iran, Turkey and nearby countries, tea is prepared by boiling water in a large teapot. Then adding some of it to the tea in a smaller teapot and leaving the second teapot on top of the larger one for a while to “brew”.

Later some of the tea is diluted by hot water in a glass to the taste of the tea connoisseur, depending on whether he prefers a dark tea or a light tea.

The method of preparing tea in this way justifies the shape of “slim-waisted-glass” used to serve the tea.

These glasses are hold from their rims and that prevents the fingers of the person to be scorched, as the rim does not get too hot.

Additionally, it has been said that unlike normal cups where the hot drink gets cold evenly, in the “slim-waisted-glass”, the tea gets cooler in the top portion of the glass while keeping the bottom part hot.

Our logo reminds the shape of a “slim-waisted-glass”.

Our Team

Mahya Karbalaii obtained her PhD in mathematics from the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA), Trieste, Italy. Since 2014 she has been working as an economic analyst and consultant for various Iranian and European companies and institutions.

She founded the economic newsletter, Iran Economy in Brief, in 2015 and as a freelance journalist, has published several articles at leading Iranian, German and Italian newspapers, such as Donyay-e Eghtesad, Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, L’Espresso.

Beside her analytical understanding of business, her fluency in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Farsi, in addition to her deep familiarity with European culture and friendly nature, are tools which support her to lead the company and reach its goals.

Get to know Mahya more at Linkedin.

Mahya Karbalaii

CEO of Serai.Global GmbH

Patrizia Orlando

Owner of Tea Time Trieste, Certified Tea Sommelier

Patrizia is born in Trieste, Italy. She has a wonderful daughter, lives with her partner and owns two dogs and one cat.

“I’ve always been a fan of everything that is beautiful and good”, she summarizes her interests.

She loves traveling, art, culture, nature, and meeting new places and new people. She is fascinated by the traditions of other countries. Patrizia believes that getting to know the gastronomy as a whole, is a way to deeply understand the essence of other cultures.

“What other nations eat and what they drink?”

“I don’t consider tea only as the most drunk drinks in the world after water. But it is also a means to deeply empathize with others and very often travel within myself”, she explains her passion for tea.

Patrizia has studied art in Switzerland and Italy. After working in various sectors, she found work as a cook, having always cultivated this activity as a hobby. After years of apprenticeship, she opened her own catering business, giving shape to her creativity.

In 2010 she opens “Tea Time Trieste”; a tea and spice shop to combine her two great passions: tea and cooking.

Thanks to her seriousness, she has continued to experiment and increase her skills both by doing research in the field, and by attending master-classes and workshops on both tea and cooking.

She has been attending specific courses to obtain an international certification for Tea Sommelier.