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Fruit Tea
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Although called tea, but fruit teas are different from other types of normal teas. In fact, these are caffeine-free brewed beverages made out of dried fruit pieces.

However, they are called “tea” for convenience, but fruit teas do not contain the tea leaves at all. Sometimes fruit teas contain one or more types of spices. A fancier name for fruit tea used by many people is “tisane”.

While there are hundred different types of flavoured and pure teas, you can find equally so many types of fruit teas available on the market as well.

High quality and natural tea fruits can be very healthy because they don’t need any kind of added sugar or sweetener.

If mature and high-quality fruits have been used in producing them, then the brewed tea will taste naturally sweet and fruity without any additive.

However, like the conventional teas, some fruit tea blends found in supermarkets have either no flavour at all or they were made using artificial aromas and flavours.

At TeaTime.House we guarantee the natural taste and aroma of our tea fruits. We also provide a wide range of certified organic tea fruits.

Fruit Teas: Tasty and Healthy

Because fruit teas are caffeine-free, you can enjoy them at the evening and before going to bed. While they can refresh and help digestion, they will not cause sleep-disorders.

At the same time, fruit teas are wonderful drinks for kids at the breakfast. Fruit teas can be brewed as cold drinks and are very healthy substitution for sugary-drinks to accompany the meal of your child.

In hot summer days, cold brewed fruit teas are ideal detox to keep the body dehydrated. Several people struggle to drink enough plain water during the day, although everyone admits that it is essential during hot days.

This is where natural fruit teas can help you to maintain the drinking level high. It is much tastier and therefore easier to drink fruity-tasted water without the need to take any additional sugar.

Fruit teas in fact can help you to build a healthier lifestyle.

Tea Fruits known as Freedom Teas

Drinking tisanes or tea fruits goes back to even before drinking the conventional or real teas. Historians suggest that people made infusions using fruits and herbs long before they started to know the Camellia Sinensis, or the tea-plant.

Tea fruits also played an important role during the independence war of the America. In 1773, a group of American protestors against the British policies on tea taxes, boarded a ship in the Boston Harbor, and dumped hundreds of tons of tea into the water.

This became known as the Boston Tea Party, and was one of the sparks that led to the American Revolution (1775-1783).

During the years later, the so-called US-citizens, moved toward an alternative for the British tea. They brewed locally found ingredients and drank it as a replace to tea.

Beverages made from peppermint, chamomile and berries became all the rage during this time. Eventually, they became known as “Freedom Teas”.

Today varieties of fruit teas are drunk because of their tastes and health benefits and not their political roles! But perhaps few other drinks had ever played such an important role during a revolution.