Organic Japanese Kukicha

If you are looking for a green tea with less herbaceous taste, then organic Japanese Kukicha is the right choice for you.

Kukicha green tea is highly recommended as a first approach to Japanese teas.


Prepration Tips
Use 3.5-3gr per cup
Boil water to 75-80 Celsius
Brew it for 2:30-3 min

Organic Japanese Kukicha a green tea composed of plant stems and leaflets.

If you are looking to buy a different organic Japanese green tea, then Organic Kukicha is the right choice.

Besides the enjoyable taste, one of the main characters of Kukicha tea is its low caffeine content.

Our organic Japanese Kukicha is made from Sencha from Kakegawa (Shizuoka), which boasts excellent organoleptic properties.

Organic Japanese Kukicha: A Great Choice for Getting to Know Japanese Teas

Organic Kukicha tea is suitable for those who dislike the herbaceous taste of Japanese tea.

It is also excellent to be brewed cold. We recommend it as a first approach to Japanese green teas.

How to prepare Organic Kukicha Green Tea

Western method

To prepare Japanese Kukicha tea according to the Western method, use 2-2.5g of purchased tea leaves and add them to 200 ml of 70 degree water. Allow it to steep for 2:30 minutes.

Eastern method

Following the Eastern method, you can make two infusions of our organic Japanese Kukicha green tea.

Use 4-4.5 g of Kukicha leaves you have bought and add them to 200 ml of 70-degree water.

For the first time, allow it to steep for 60 seconds and the second time for 1:30 minutes.

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Green Tea

The Origin

Shizuoka, Japan

Suitable for children