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Tamaryokucha tea is organically grown and produced in Miyazaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu. Starting from the name of this variety, produced only in relatively small quantities.


Prepration Tips
Use 4gr per cup
Boil water to 75 Celsius
Brew it for 1, 1:30, 2 min
Multiple Brew: 3 times

Tamaryokucha is an organic Japanese green tea also known as Guricha grown in Miyazaki prefecture.

Miyazaki: The Origin of Tamaryokucha

The highest quality green teas are produced in Miyazaki. As a result of the climatic and environmental conditions of this region, in which gardens benefit from the moist Pacific currents, the quality of green tea from this region is exquisite.

The difference between Guricha and Sencha

There is only one difference between Tamaryokucha, also known as Guricha, and Sencha in terms of cultivation and production.
In fact, the final rolling that gives Sencha its characteristic “needle” appearance is not involved in Tamaryokucha green tea. The appearance of Tamaryokucha is similar to a rolled leaf.
Featuring classic herbaceous notes, this Japanese green tea is sweet and velvety. Guricha also has hints of fruity flavors and almond aftertastes.

How to prepare Tamaryokucha green tea

  • Western Method

    • To prepare Tamaryokucha or Japanese Guricha according to the Western method, use 2-2.5 g of purchased tea leaves and add them to 200 ml of 70-degree water. Allow it to steep for 2:30 minutes.
  • Eastern Method

    • According to the Eastern method, you can make two infusions of our Tamaryokucha green tea.
      Use 4-4.5 g of Guricha tea leaves and add them to 200 ml of 70-degree water.
      For the first time leave it to steep for 60 seconds and the second infusion for 1:30 minutes.
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