Ceylon Ruhuna O.P.

In Sri Lanka, Ruhuna Low Grown Tea refers to tea gardens on the southern plains bordering the Sinharaja rainforest.


Prepration Tips
Use 4gr per cup
Boil water to 95 Celsius
Brew it for 4 min

Tea from the Ruhuna district belongs to the Ceylon Low Grown Tea category as it is grown at an altitude of no more than 600 m.

The very rich soil of the Ruhuna region, the influence of the sea and the low altitude of this zone mean that the Low Grown tea plants grow rapidly.

Ceylon Low Grown Tea is known for its long, beautiful leaf.

Ceylon Ruhuna Low Grown black tea is distinguished by its full, deep, delicately citrus aroma. The liquor has an amber-orange colour with hazelnut nuances.

The flavour of Ruhuna Lown Grown Tea has notes of wood, lemon and a strong body, and is pleasantly bitter and persistent on the palate.

Ceylon Ruhuna Low Grown black tea is perfect for breakfast.

It should be infused at a temperature of 95 degrees for about 4 minutes.

You can accentuate the citrus note with a lemon peel, or soften it with a cloud of milk. However, our tea sommelier, Patrizia Orlando recommends to drink it pure.

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